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Announcing Capability Services Web Console

You can now interact with Capability Services using the web console.

Capability Services is currently in Early Access. When creating an account you will be asked to join the waitlist. If you choose to join the waitlist, you will receive an email once your account becomes available.

You can also contact tristan.slominski@capability.io directly.

Announcing Membrane Service Early Access

Online delegation of authority looks nothing like how we delegate authority in our every day lives. The prevalence of Access Control List (ACL) authorization pattern (list of permissions attached to a resource) has constrained many systems to centralized access control. While, for some highly sensitive use cases, centralization is desired, for others, the use of ACLs leads to overconstrained solutions.

Introducing Membrane Service Early Access

Membrane Service solves the problem of being able to delegate authority in a decentralized manner. It does this by using capabilities and offering capability-based authorization at any scale in accordance with any policy via membranes.
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