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Tonight, I’ve had the opportunity to present at the Austin JavaScript Meetup:

In 2013, writing software requires orchestration of multiple “machines”, be it EC2 instances, database replicas, or mobile clients. Despite this fact, quickly prototyping systems that ignore this reality remains the state of the art. In this talk, we will introduce many distributed concepts, demonstrate how they work, and show how they can be grown from a single machine into a globally distributed system… in JavaScript! (and Node.js). We will discuss DHTs, gossip protocols, object capabilities, peer-to-peer in the browser, Ken protocol, Indeed’s Boxcar, Lambda Architecture, SOA, and how they all fit together with others.

If you are interested in a world beyond Node.js on Rails, join us and get a taste of what’s possible to build today and get a peak into the distributed Internet of¬†tomorrow.

The link to the presentation: DISTRIBUTE ALL THE THINGS